About that penguin…



A rather unusual project, the penguin display case was one of my first projects at SMSQ Architects and one that was great fun to work on.

Oscar the Penguin was long associated with Larry Gould, an Antarctic explorer who went on to become President of Carleton College.  Oscar was brought back as a souvenir from Larry’s adventures and spent many years in his office. In celebrating the naming of the college library in Gould’s honor, Oscar was relocated from his “retirement home” in the archives to a more prominent display in the library.

Collaborating with the artist Ray “Jake” Jacobsen, retired from Carleton’s art department, and Eric Hilleman, the College Archivist, we designed the penguin case as part of a larger installation of memorabilia and custom artwork that Jake created and installed.

As there doesn’t appear to be much demand for penguin display cases, I don’t expect I’ll get to work on another one… but you never know!